now how are we going to let the whole world know that we exist? we could either create a facebook page but we still felt the portfolio was bare for primetime. we were hoping the first wedding would spread the word around, but the networking wasn't there. 

we went down memory lane and revisited the websites we checked out when we were planning our wedding, sites like: the knot, weddingwire, mywedding, etc. there was one issue: cost. they were asking for $80 a month to have an ad listed on their site. we just couldn't swallow that type of an expense this early on. 

it dawn on us a few days later that there was one website that we've been using for over a decade selling random stuff to random people and with a high success rate. craigslist. we were joking at first, surely no one posts wedding services on there. welp, with a quick search, there were a few on there already. unbelievable.

the competition was light, it was sure to get a few hits at least and above all it was free.