our first customer!

well, technically, our first paid customer. we would constantly check the inbox on a daily basis to see if any emails accidentally got into the junk folder. which for some reason craigslist has been doing lately. it was a pretty surreal moment realizing that someone actually appreciates your work and is willing to pay for it. or was it because what we were offering compared to everyone else was a bargain. oh the sacrifices. 

tho the wedding isn't until next year, if everything pans out the way we want it to, we're going to give them the works. because they believed in our work and nothing is more satisfying then knowing someone appreciates the time that went into it. 


now how are we going to let the whole world know that we exist? we could either create a facebook page but we still felt the portfolio was bare for primetime. we were hoping the first wedding would spread the word around, but the networking wasn't there. 

we went down memory lane and revisited the websites we checked out when we were planning our wedding, sites like: the knot, weddingwire, mywedding, etc. there was one issue: cost. they were asking for $80 a month to have an ad listed on their site. we just couldn't swallow that type of an expense this early on. 

it dawn on us a few days later that there was one website that we've been using for over a decade selling random stuff to random people and with a high success rate. craigslist. we were joking at first, surely no one posts wedding services on there. welp, with a quick search, there were a few on there already. unbelievable.

the competition was light, it was sure to get a few hits at least and above all it was free.


it took awhile for us to decide on which site to upload our content to. youtube would've been a great cost effective and widely visible medium to display our work, but at the same time, the ads would be annoying for our viewers to click out of. 

vimeo had a nice clean layout that didn't distract viewers and felt the videos always looked sharper. also noticed that most of the wedding videographers used vimeo and thought it would create an professional interface for prospects to view. 


we knew we wanted a panda for our logo, something simple yet immediately recognizable to the general public. so we scoured the web, getting ideas. started playing with adobe illustrator, drawing a few circles and before we knew it, it slowly looked like a panda. of course, we had to make it somewhat unique and decided to add those hipster specs on him.